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About the Company

Microskin’s core business since 2005 is their cosmeceutical technology and products. This revolves around a product called Microskin Simulated Second Skin. It is not a thick cream like other camouflage and makeup products, but rather a unique formulation that is applied thinly to the top layer of the epidermis. It does not reach the skin dermis and is not absorbed by the blood capillaries located in the dermis layer. Microskin is made up of food grade and pharmaceutical ingredients, making Microskin safe and is FDA approved. Microskin can remain on the skin for several days. It is waterproof, will not rub off or transfer onto clothing and at the same time it is allowing the skin to be flexible without blocking pores, and most importantly, the customised colour match is made to look like the natural skin tone.

Microskin was first developed to mask birthmarks and burns. However, Vitiligo, which makes up 1-2% of the world population, has become the larger percentage of our customer base. Anyone suffering with a skin discolouration such as psoriasis, hyperpigmentation and scarring will benefit from this life changing option. Microskin has helped thousands of customers to live an active life playing sport, dancing and swimming without the stress of trying to hide a skin condition.

Whilst we currently have clinics located around the world in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Estonia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and India, Microskin has developed a retail colour range for those customers unable to visit a clinic. Customers can use the Microskin smart phone app which will help guide the customer to a close skin tone match. They are then able to order online.
Microskin has had in its Research & Development Department, a high performance sunscreen. This sunscreen will have all the same benefits as Microskin – waterproof , long lasting and environmentally friendly. The Sunscreen is currently ongoing TGA testing which will give it an official SPF rating to be ready for market.

Microskin’s growth strategy is centred in product development and new market growth. As the current range of Microskin products expand, there will be expected sales growth in the domestic Australian market, and furthermore, in the much larger northern hemisphere markets.

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