Board Of Management

Barry Amor – Executive Chairman

Barry’s 40 year career spans the telecommunications, industrial equipment and information systems sectors. The focus of these skills has been on laying solid foundations for organisations intent on developing and exporting a range of complex products and equipment targeting industrial and commercial applications. Barry has cultivated a solid understanding of theissues associated with building export-oriented businesses that have targeted various south-east Asian countries, the USA and New Zealand.

With a solid background in engineering, Barry began his career in telecommunications, subsequently gaining extensive experience in industrial automation, mining equipment, computer and communications hardware and enterprise software systems. The hands on experience gained founding businesses in several of these sectors has given him the ability to see the broad picture as well as the detailed nuances at work in the entrepreneurial environment. Later in his career he oversaw the foundation of a company which has set a new benchmark for enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems for mid-range organisations. Those systems boast a growing customer base in domestic and international markets. As chief executive charged with driving both product development and market growth, he gained an in-depth understanding of government grants for research and development and exports and the tax concessions appropriate to a company operating at the leading edge of technology development. This venture was preceded by a project in which he restructured and managed the sale of a national business distributing software and hardware. He has also run businesses distributing industrial control equipment,computer components and specialised equipment for application in coal mining and the oil industry.

In the last few years Barry has worked inside the corporate advisory sector, with several years working for Gramercy Venture Advisors. Barry is based in Brisbane, Australia.

Barry Lowndes – Director

Lowndes brings to Microskin a wealth of knowledge and understanding from a management perspective. Prior to a period of full-time involvement with Microskin, Barry was the National Security Manager with the Millers Retail Group which comprises over 600 retail stores and 3,000 staff. It was Barry’s responsibility to formulate policies and procedures to reduce a growing shrinkage problem, reduce theft and train employees. Barry oversaw the day-to-day activities of all group leaders, including the implementation of objectives and strategies for its managing directors. Barry’s final position at Millers was as the chairman of the newly-formed Millers Shrinkage Board, which provided its shareholders with strategies toimprove shrinkage performance. In recent times Barry has given up full-time involvement in the day-to-day affairs of Microskin; however, he retains an active involvement as a director.

David Merson – Director

For 21 years, David Merson was the chief executive officer of Mincom Limited, a company he founded in 1979. During his tenure, Mincom grew to become Australia’s largest software developer and exporter with 1,200 staff, annual revenues of $200 million, and global leadership in a number of software product categories.

Scott McTaggart- Director

An investor and business consultant with shareholding and directorships in MezurX Pty Ltd (drilling services) and Euclideon Pty Ltd (3D graphics). Scott’s career has included being a high school teacher, developing software for Mincom (involved in the divestiture of Petroleum Technology Mincom and the sale of Mincom as a shareholder), working for Paradigm Geophysical, Shell and GeoSource, before becoming an Adjunct Associate Professor at the University of Queensland, where he was also director/CEO of two National Earth Science Infrastructure Companies (ACcESS, AuScope). He has a Bachelor of Applied Science in Geophysics (1st Class Honours).